Get paid after hours with Dentrix Quickbill

When you think about the future of your dental practice, what concerns you most? A 2018 survey asked dental practices this exact question, and the most common responses focused on one area: practice finances. In fact, the three top concerns dentists listed were “patients’ ability to pay,” “practice revenue,” and “managing practice finances .” So if payments, revenue, and finances top the list of concerns for dental providers, what’s the best way to address them? And where should you focus your efforts and resources to improve the financial health of your practice?

I address these questions and more in my recent eBook collaboration with Henry Schein One. My eBook is chuck full of great information and resources to help your dental practice improve profitability and increase the cash flow. In my last article I addressed my recommended workflow for sending out patient billing statements and how if you follow this it is a game changer!