The High Performing Dental Team

Hey there, I’m Dayna Johnson . . . dental practice management expert, certified Dentrix trainer and founder of Novonee, revolutionizing the dental industry through innovation and strategic leadership. It wasn’t long ago that I lived in your shoes navigating the daily challenges of managing a dental practice with the hopes and dreams of having a productive schedule, money in the bank, and getting home on time to my sweet daughter. After 25 years working in the dental practice and 17 years as a certified Dentrix trainer, I found my life’s work helping dental teams 1:1 optimizing their systems and software.

If you are looking to create the thriving dental practice you have always dreamed of and empower your high performing dental team, you are in the right place. Let’s get started!

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About your host:

Dayna Johnson is a dental practice management expert, podcast host and the founder of Novonee, revolutionizing the dental industry through innovation and strategic leadership.

With over 30 years of experience, Dayna's impact is acknowledged through significant awards, including "Dentrix Trainer of the Year" in 2022 and recognition as one of the "Top 25 Women in Dentistry" by Dental Products Report.

Her presence has been recognized on influential platforms like "The Thriving Dentist Show," "The Best Practices Show," and "The Raving Patients Podcast." She has also contributed to reputable dental publications like Dental Products Report magazine, Dental Economics magazine, and The Observer magazine.


As an author of e-books such as "Going Digital," "Creating a Touchless Check-in and Check-out," and "Four Practical Tips for Bringing Real-Time Payments to Your Practice," Dayna guides dental professionals to operational excellence and improved patient care.

Her visionary creation, Novonee – The Premier Dentrix Community, exemplifies Dayna's commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation among dental professionals. Through her Novonee membership, Doctors struggling with day-to-day management of the practice get access to a like-minded community, educational support and resources that elevate operational success and patient care.

When Dayna is not helping dental practices overcome their challenges, you can find her spending time with her family. She’s a proud mother to her special needs daughter, Lauren, and the wife, and other half of the self-proclaimed “Power Couple of Dentistry”, Kevin Henry. She and Kevin love spending time on the green, playing golf, enjoying nature hikes, traveling the world and gathering around the TV during football season!

Through her life’s work, Dayna's goal is to empower dental teams to live up to their true potential, provide guidance that transforms challenges into opportunities, and help dental professionals have the thriving practice they’ve always dreamed of.