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Are you running out of time to focus on office systems?
Does your team struggle with documentation?
Do you feel like you could make better use of Dentrix®?
We get it. Let’s work smarter!

Changing the lives of Dentrix® users from all over the country!

“This has been an absolute pleasure! Our practice has worked with several consulting firms, but what I love about Novonee is that it helped us fully utilize our practice management software. There are SO many features of Dentrix® that we weren’t taking fully advantage of, and now we know the exact way to accomplish old and new tasks efficiently. Also, Dayna Johnson is a wealth of information! I would recommend her and the Novonee community wholeheartedly to any Dentrix® user!”

Dr. Katie Abt

Brockport Smiles

“The “Keep Your Schedule Full” webinar was invaluable! Novonee offers a great review of Dentrix® reports as well as tips on how to keep them current and clean. Our front office has three of us with many years of Dentrix® experience and one newbie, and this really helped us optimize our potential.”

Vicky Blake

Office Manager

“Thanks for another great Freestyle Friday! I could pick your brain all day to be honest. I highly value training and love your appreciation for organization and working smarter not harder”

Dr. Doug Chadwick

Newport, OR

“I highly value training and love Dayna’s appreciation for organization and working smarter not harder. Novonee is an excellent resource for the entire dental team!”



The Novonee Advantage!

  • Drive practice profitability through access to exceptional expertise
  • Save time and money
  • Solve problems quickly and efficiently
  • Access to premium “members only” events
  • Network with Dentrix® users from around the country
  • Find answers and REAL results at your fingertips – anywhere, anytime.


Think about the learning possibilities if you could attend live Dentrix® user meetings each month, where where you and your team can ask questions and receive instant feedback. We have each webinar available on-demand, and we’ll always take your suggestions.


You can ask questions in the Novonee forum and get instant feedback from people who also work in a dental office. You also have the opportunity to answer someone’s question and help a fellow dentist from across the country.

Member Networking

There’s power in numbers. Networking with other Dentrix® users in your own state or within your practice specialty is powerful. It’s like attending your own study club, without having to leave your computer!


Transform Your Practice With Novonee

We’ve made it easy and many resources are available 24/7 so you can get answers and support anytime. Being part of a community also gives us strength in numbers so we have the opportunity to learn from each other.


Your entire day revolves around your practice management software and how you maneuver around within it can either create or eliminate stress. Novonee was born with the idea of bringing Dentrix® user meetings and a community of Dentrix® users together to learn, share ideas and become Dentrix® super users. Through monthly Webinars and a community where you can share both questions and answers with users from around the country, you’re no longer fighting your battles alone. We have all worked in a dental practice, so we understand your questions and how these issues affect your happiness. Think about how amazing life could be if your software didn’t slow you down.

Meet Dayna Johnson

Dayna is nationally recognized for helping dental offices from around the country using her almost 25 years of experience as a dental office manager and 10 years as a Certified Dentrix® Trainer. She personally administers, delivering extraordinary value to members and giving them access to her expertise, either through responding to posts or via events and presentations. Her work is designed to help your dental office perform better, helping you become a more efficient business while allowing you to focus on what you do best: care for your patients.