Dentrix Podcast: How Are Your New Patients Finding You?

Do you know where your new patients are coming from? Are you tracking your new patients in your Dentrix software? Now is the time when you are likely putting together your annual budget for expenses, including a marketing budget. But if you don’t know what marketing campaigns are bringing in the new patients, how do you know where to spend your money? Are you getting more response from the Valpak ad or your social media? Also, what is the quality of the patient coming from each of your referral sources?

All these questions can be answered from reports in your Dentrix software if your team is tracking the new patient referrals. My good friend and social media expert, Rita Zamora, encourages her clients to ask patients how they heard about the office and track the new patient referral source in the software so she can have statistical information to help her make better marketing campaign decisions for the practice. Knowing these numbers can help the doctor make better marketing decisions.

There are two reports you can get from Dentrix if your team is documenting the referral source in the patient record. These reports not only give you the referral source and the list of patients, but also the production dollars associated with each patient. This will show you how you are doing with existing patient referrals and how your marketing efforts are working.

  • Referred by Patient Report – With this report, you can review which patients of record have referred in new patients to the practice. On this report, you can also see the gratuity analysis to see if and when you sent a thank you gift. This report will also show you the production posted and what dollar amount is in the treatment plan.
  • Referred by Doctor/Other – This is a great report for all the dental specialists out there because you can track the patient referrals from your general dentists. On this report, you can also see how many new patients are being referred by your marketing sources such as Facebook, Google searches and your website. This report can be very helpful to see where to put your marketing dollars.

Listen to our Dentrix podcast for 15 minutes of great tips and tricks for your team.

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