Brad James, Kleer

Interview with Brad James at Kleer on adding a Membership Plan for your uninsured dental patients

Brad James, Manager of Strategic Partnerships with KleerBrad is an expert in leadership and a liaison to key partners and ...
Dentrix automation

Dentrix automation does not mean cookie cutter

I have been talking about automation way before the employee shortages and what many have called “The Great Resignation.” Automation ...
adding goals into Dentrix

Where in Dentrix you can find your patient retention percentage

Whenever I am performing an assessment for a dental practice with the hope of working with the team on better ...
Dental patient

Stop letting your dental patients slip out the back door

It’s getting a little drafty in your practice when you leave the back door wide open for patients to slip ...

How to Track the ROI on Your Referral Sources in Dentrix

Do you know who your top referrals are? Is your marketing dollars bringing a satisfactory ROI?  When you are running ...

Dentrix Podcast: How Are Your New Patients Finding You?

Do you know where your new patients are coming from? Are you tracking your new patients in your Dentrix software? Now is ...

Final Push for End of the Year

We are in the final quarter of the year and starting to look ahead to the new year. This is ...

The Team Brings the Mission Statement to Life

When I was asked to be a speaker at the South African Dental Association this year it was very exciting ...

What is the ROI on your referral sources?

Do you know who your top referrals are? Are your marketing dollars bringing a satisfactory ROI? When you are running ...