The Benefits of Fee Schedules is worth the time spent

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Using Dentrix’s Fee Schedules takes a little bit of management but produces huge benefits! I am amazed at how many offices don’t know this Dentrix feature exists for setting up and managing fee schedules. If you are in one of those offices, it’s time to find it and use it – you’ll be so glad you did. Let’s walk through it together so that you can start seeing those benefits sooner than later.

The fee schedules system is the preferred method for offices that are contracted with multiple PPO plans. With this system, the office team must keep the fee schedules current, update the coverage table accurately and attach the fee schedule to the insurance plan properly.

The most frequent comment I get from team members when I discuss this method with them is “I want to bill my full fee to the insurance company and that is why I have never switched over to using fee schedules.” Great! You can bill full fees and still use fee schedules all you have to do is change the claim format to the DX2012F when you are attaching the fee schedule to the insurance plan (the F tells the Dentrix software to bill the fee schedule fee to the patient ledger and the full fee to the insurance company).

So what are the advantages of using fee schedules?

  1. Collecting at time of service is accurate on the ledger so your team does not have to pull out the calculator every time a patient is checking out.
  2. The treatment plan estimates are accurate so you don’t have to hand write all over the print out for your patient.
  3. The production for the day will show a net production number instead of an inflated production number.
  4. You can send billing statements in real time because you are not waiting for the insurance write off.

All of these are huge advantages for your team and your bottom line!


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