Pulling back the curtain on Dayna’s dental career with insights from Kevin Henry

In this special 100th episode, Dayna takes a break from discussing dental systems and workflow to share personal stories and adventures with insights from Kevin Henry. They reminisce about meeting at a dental conference and their early experiences together. The conversation covers their quirky travel habits, including their preference for walking and exploring local food. Dayna shares her love for supporting local businesses and her passion for jewelry with a story. They discuss Dayna’s initial hesitation to write for Kevin’s dental publications and the impact her writing has had on the dental industry. The episode concludes with their recent experiences playing pickleball and attending a foam party in Mexico, as well as their memorable trip to witness a solar eclipse.


  • Personal connections and shared experiences are an important part of building relationships.
  • Exploring local food and supporting local businesses can enhance travel experiences.
  • Overcoming insecurities and taking opportunities to share your knowledge can lead to unexpected success.
  • Embracing new activities and adventures can create lasting memories and strengthen relationships.

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Dayna (00:00.955)
Welcome everyone to the 100th episode of the High Performing Dental Team. And I just want to welcome you all to this special episode because this is going to kind of be a special episode because I decided that I was not going to talk about dental systems and workflow and Dentrix I wanted it to be

Dayna (00:36.557)
Hello sweetie. I think that’s a big, that’s such a big accomplishment don’t you think?

Kevin Henry (00:37.206)
Hey, congratulations on 100. That’s a really cool number. So proud of you. That is great. It is, it is. For somebody who, whenever I first met, was just learning how to do videos and was worried about if they could speak and everything else, it’s fantastic. I’m super proud of you.

Dayna (00:53.309)
Oh, thank you, because I really wanted you to join me on this 100th episode because you are so instrumental in my career and me even doing podcasts and speaking and writing and all of that. I remember when, so this episode is gonna be fun. We’re gonna talk about some of the crazy things that happened.

to us when we’re traveling, some of the things that maybe you guys don’t really know about me. I’m gonna call it like pulling back the curtain. So, you know, we’re gonna pull back the curtain a little bit and you guys are gonna get to know me a little bit more in my dental life, my dental career. And Kevin has been with me for many of these things that have happened. So we’re gonna laugh a lot and it’ll be fun.

Kevin Henry (01:29.966)
very good.

Dayna (01:48.493)
But I do remember, you know, when we first met, we did meet at a dental conference. We met in 2011 at the Speaking Consulting Network Conference in Dallas. And it happened to be the first weekend that I had my…

wedding ring off. I was still married when I met Kevin. I was, I had just filed for divorce and it was the first weekend that I had my wedding ring off. And so I don’t know if I had something across my forehead that said, you know, I’m now available. But Kevin was very interested in meeting me that that evening at the banquet. Yeah, I know. And you were re –

Kevin Henry (02:25.01)
Yeah, no argument no argument there sure yeah and Well right across the street and then that was the thing and I didn’t even realize it till I pulled in and and I texted you and I’m like Oh my gosh, there’s the embassy suites where the speaking consulting network meeting where we met was held in 2011 and

Dayna (02:35.457)
And you were recently at a conference where it was hosted at the same, like the same hotel. Oh yeah.

Kevin Henry (02:53.74)
You know, I had to go over there and take a little picture of where I first met you and first said hi. And, you know, after trying to meet you the night before, but you had dinner plans or were going out with some other people. We won’t talk about that, but anyway, uh, you know, but yeah, before I first met you and then, you know, the, uh, the in and out burger there in beautiful Frisco, Texas, where we went. And after the SCN banquet just went and hung out and just got to kind of know each other a little bit. And that was a very cool, cool thing.

Dayna (03:19.955)
Exactly. Exactly.

Dayna (03:30.893)
that there was this new In -N -Out Burger that had just opened up and you were all excited to go to the first night of this In -N -Out Burger. And I’m kind of listening with my one ear and I’m like, well, I’ve never been to an In -N -Out Burger. Can I go? So I kind of invited myself.

Kevin Henry (03:48.718)
You did. You did. And I will tell you, that was something, and you know this about me, and you’ve heard the stories, that was something I always did whenever we had conferences in Scottsdale or Las Vegas or Anaheim, anywhere that there was an In -N -Out Burger. I always got a crew together because living in Oklahoma at the time, that was something that was just like, oh, it’s a magical thing I can’t get. So yeah, we had a group of about eight of us who were going to pile into a rental car or two and go get an In -N -Out Burger. And…

I’m real glad that every one of those people dropped out of that dinner that night, except for you. Amazing. You know, and yeah. And as we know, some of our good friends like Jana Berghoff and so many others that were going to go later told us that they kind of sense that maybe it’d be good for it just to be the two of us. So very good luck. Yeah, no, didn’t take long. That’s.

Dayna (04:24.045)

Dayna (04:35.853)
I think that’s funny that they’ve kind of picked up on that vibe. You know, they’re like, oh, it looks like they’re kind of into each other, so maybe we shouldn’t go.

Kevin Henry (04:49.198)
But no, and you know, that’s the start of so many dental conferences that we’ve gone to together through the years. You know, Chicago midwinter, Hinman Greater New York. Oh my gosh, we’ve, we’ve been to so many in so many different places. And, you know, the one thing that I always enjoy about going to a conference with you is not only that we get to travel together, but it’s that I love to play the game of which way is she going to get.

Dayna (05:15.213)
Oh, yes.

Kevin Henry (05:17.646)
you know, yeah, you know, the directions are always fun. So I always, you know, I’m the, I’m the gentleman from Oklahoma. So I always let you go out the door first. But part of that is also to see is she got to go toward the elevators or turn the other way, you know? And so it’s always fun to see, see all those directions kick in.

Dayna (05:34.893)
Oh yeah, well, one thing I have learned about being with you now for over 10 years is that you are definitely the map guy. You are the geography specialist in the household. And so I just follow you wherever you go. Now, whenever I travel by myself, you’re probably wondering like, hmm, is she gonna make it to the elevator? Does she know what room she’s in?

Kevin Henry (05:59.374)
You always get home, so I don’t ever worry too much, you know, so that’s a good.

Dayna (06:04.077)
I do, I do. I always make it home. Another funny thing that I love to laugh about that you and I both laugh about is when we do travel and we’re in hotel rooms, we’re in hotel rooms a lot because we travel. And, you know, the one of the first things that I always look for is extra pillows, extra blanket, extra blankets. And then, and then, you know, once we once we shut the lights out, we’re ready for bed. Then now then I find all of the lights that are on like the

Kevin Henry (06:20.27)
Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Yep.

Dayna (06:33.005)
like the bright light that’s on the TV or the bright light that’s on the thermostat. And then I have to get up, go grab like wash rags out of the bathroom and cover everything up so that it’s dark.

Kevin Henry (06:44.142)
Yeah. It is pitch black. There is no doubt about that. But yeah, that’s something that, you know, I know how demo practices can always have their, you know, the back and the front battle over the thermostat. That’s kind of how you and I are as well. Let’s be honest because, you know, I, you don’t enjoy.

Dayna (06:58.957)
I know, I know. So we try and keep it to a mid -range, you know, because you like to be cooler. So then that’s when I’m always, if there’s no extra blanket in the, I know, if there’s no extra blanket in the room, then I’m calling the front desk and like, can I get a couple extra pillows and an extra blanket?

Kevin Henry (07:05.582)

Kevin Henry (07:19.182)
No, you, I know you get snuggled in and whatever I’m traveling by myself, you know, the thermostat is usually like 65 in the hotel room or something like that. So I know that’s not your cup of tea. So we don’t make that happen. Sure.

Dayna (07:26.617)
Yeah. Yeah.

No, no, no, I know. Another thing that makes me laugh and you know, sometimes you’re like, oh my gosh, really, is that I of course, I love to walk everywhere, you know.

Kevin Henry (07:45.646)
You do. You have a good reputation for that in our industry, actually.

Dayna (07:49.005)
Is it a good reputation or is it just a reputation? I know.

Kevin Henry (07:52.366)
How about it’s a funny reputation? How about that? Maybe I’ll use that adjective because you’re right. You have said so many times that, you we’re not going to take a cab or an Uber. We’re just going to walk and, and, and I’m all for that, but we have certain friends in the industry that have learned whenever you say something is just around the corner, that could be like six blocks away. So, you know, but Hey, if it’s a nice night, you know, absolutely. I love a little walk. You know, I mean, you and I were.

Dayna (08:09.633)
Uh -huh. Or could, yeah, or a mile down the road.

Kevin Henry (08:21.358)
walking in New York recently after the Greater New York Dental Meeting. And if Chicago were ever warm, you know, that one year midwinter was so fantastic. We walked from McCormick up to Soldier Field to see the hallowed halls of the Chicago Bears. So, you know, hey, nothing wrong with that.

Dayna (08:30.413)
I know.

Dayna (08:36.877)
We did, we did, we did, I remember that. I remember once at Rocky Mountain Dental Conference, I was the one that was in charge of finding the dinner spot, because all of our friends were speaking and they’re like, Dayna you’re in charge of the restaurant, where we’re gonna go. And I’m like, okay, great. So, you know, I love Larimer Square in downtown Denver. And so I found a restaurant near Larimer Square and I’m like, oh yeah, it’s only like,

Kevin Henry (08:48.622)
Yes, you will.

Dayna (09:06.253)
like four blocks or, you know, my map was telling me it was like four blocks. And I don’t know if I, if I had a different map or whatever, it was probably my Android foam. And I remember telling everybody, we can just walk there. Let’s meet in the lobby and we’ll all walk there. And I think half the people ended up getting an Uber and they’re like, Dayna, that is not within and walking distance.

Kevin Henry (09:28.686)
Well, you know, January and Denver, it makes a little difference for sure. So, but you know, but let’s, but let’s talk about that because you often do get chosen to make the food recommendations because you’re a foodie. You’re absolutely a foodie. And, and what are the rules for Dayna when she eats on the road?

Dayna (09:32.205)
Yeah, yeah. Oh, I know.

Dayna (09:41.515)
Oh yes, I love food.

Oh yes, I won’t eat at a chain. So it can’t be a chain restaurant. And most of the time, like 99%, it’s not in a hotel. So it has to be off the hotel and not a chain.

Kevin Henry (09:59.022)
Yep, exactly.

Kevin Henry (10:04.462)
Yep. Which, you know, is fantastic. I mean, that’s something that our friends have gotten used to as well. They know if you’re going to pick something, it’s not going to be an Applebee’s. They know that beyond the shadow of a doubt. So.

Dayna (10:05.581)
I love to dive into local food. I want to experience, no, exactly. Yeah, I wanna experience local food. I wanna support local businesses. I want all of that.

Kevin Henry (10:24.334)
Well, and you also support local businesses because whenever we go to Charleston or places like that, you love to go to farmers markets, artisans markets. You love for your jewelry to tell a story as well. Yes.

Dayna (10:30.263)

Dayna (10:39.149)
I do, I do. I’ve gotten to a point in my age that I don’t wear costume jewelry anymore. I don’t buy jewelry unless I have actually met the artist. So that’s really important to me.

Kevin Henry (10:55.886)
I mean, look at what you’re wearing around your neck right now. Why is that important to you? I’m curious. Tell people why, if they’re watching this on video, why is that important to you?

Dayna (10:59.725)
I know.

Dayna (11:03.725)
Yeah, I have this on probably every video that I record. My mom used to live in Hawaii. And for those of you that maybe don’t know my whole story, I’m originally from the beautiful PNW, Pacific Northwest. And I’m a water girl. I grew up on the water. And my mom used to live in Hawaii. And I remember going to this farmer’s market with my mom.

Kevin Henry (11:07.438)

Dayna (11:31.085)
and there was this booth there and this lady was making these jewelry bracelets and necklaces and earrings and it has a wave on it and I really loved it and my mom ended up buying one for me and she gave it to me for my 50th birthday. Yeah so I wear it everywhere.

Kevin Henry (11:53.006)
Yeah. I was just telling somebody earlier today how the water is, you know, yes, biologically, it flows through your veins. You know, I get that that’s part of blood, but at the same time, I know you are very happy whenever we are near the ocean, whenever we’re near any kind of body of water, you know, even if it’s a stream up in Breckenridge, I know you are.

Dayna (12:08.973)

Dayna (12:13.293)
I will sit next to that river up in Breckenridge for I could sit there and listen to the water for hours. Yeah, yeah. And it and it probably has to do with I am Aquarius. Because I was my birthday is in February. So I am an Aquarius. Yeah, I know. And and, you know, so I’m trying to think of some of the other kind of just funny things I remember when

Kevin Henry (12:19.162)

Kevin Henry (12:25.218)
You know, I’m just saying, just throwing it out there.

Kevin Henry (12:30.59)
There you go.

Dayna (12:42.389)
You and I, we had just met. I mean, not well within the first year or two, I think. And remember we were on the cruise, the, what was that? We were on a dental cruise, you know, it was some dental CE cruise. And I remember that you were working for, you know, you’ve been in publications your whole life. And I remember, I know, I remember you asked me, I think it was in,

Kevin Henry (12:45.222)
Mm -hmm.

Kevin Henry (12:53.794)
Yeah, yep. That’s how I got into dentistry, yep.

Dayna (13:10.189)
like the second year we were together and you asked me, you wanted me to write like a monthly column for you, for your dental publication. And you remember I said, no, I’m not gonna write for you. And I really didn’t want people to think that I jump started my career because of who I was sleeping with. And I…

Kevin Henry (13:14.242)

Kevin Henry (13:21.71)
Oh yeah.

Dayna (13:39.373)
I never wanted people to think that I had favors or anything like that. So it wasn’t because I, and I was scared to write, you know, I was so new. I didn’t know what to write about or I didn’t know what to say. And I didn’t want people to think that I had favors. And so I said no. And I said no to you several times.

Kevin Henry (14:02.318)
Yeah, that’s you’re right. But you know, I told you the same thing I tell so many of my authors is that your thoughts and how you see the world is completely different than the consultant who’s sitting right next to you at the SCN meeting or, you know, the Dentrix trainer that you’re trained the trainer with or whatever it is, you know, and, and that’s where I love working with authors is that you’ve all got your different way of not only doing things, but explaining it as well.

and that your way will resonate with someone that somebody else’s may not. And so, yes, absolutely. Am I biased toward you? Absolutely. But I also know that you have this knowledge base that everybody has seen through the first 99 episodes of this podcast.

about building those efficiencies, about making sure that your practice is running as smoothly as possible, all those things. And, you know, with dental economics back in the day, with dental products report, and now with Dr. Bicuspid, absolutely. As an editor, that’s what I want to be able to get out to my readers is what’s inside that beautiful brain of yours.

Dayna (15:11.743)
I know, I know. So it took me a while to actually say yes to writing for you. And then what happened? Do you remember what happened?

Kevin Henry (15:19.502)
Well, I remember that, you know, to this day, I can tell you there is still the Dentrix columns that you write. You know, now that I have access to Dr. BiCuspid Cuspid, because this is my second stent as their editor, I can tell you every once in a while I get this whole, you know, little note about there’s five people looking at this Dentrix article that you wrote back in 2020 before the pandemic, you know, and so, and that’s the thing that always makes me smile. And our good friend, Linda Miles, you know, she,

Dayna (15:39.149)
I know. Yeah.

Kevin Henry (15:49.326)
She will reach out to me every once in a while and say, do you know somebody just contacted me about an offer that I had an article I wrote for you in 2011. And that’s the truth at dental economics. And so that’s what I love about writing is that it’s going to be around forever with this internet. What we say, what we do, you know, our great, great, great grandkids are going to know what we sounded like and what we believed in. And that’s what I love about media and doing this.

Dayna (15:57.835)

Dayna (16:15.853)
Yeah, I know. I love that too. And I also remember that after I said yes to writing like a monthly column for you,

It was like at the end of the year and you’re an analytics guy. You love numbers. You love looking at analytics and Google analytics. And I remember in, I think it was January, cause you were looking at year to date numbers and you said, here’s proof. Here’s why. Here’s why I wanted you to write for me because behind Gordon Christiansen, I was like the.

the next author right after Gordon Christiansen and I’m like wow that that kind of speaks you know and

Kevin Henry (16:59.756)
You know, it’s all about the subject matter. And when you’re a subject expert like you are,

Dayna (17:03.309)

Kevin Henry (17:06.318)
Yes, you’re my wife. Yes, you’re my best friend, but you also have this knowledge base and it’s something that I know resonates with people, whether you’re talking on this podcast or writing or doing one of your videos or whatever it might be. So yeah, I, you know, it’s funny you say I’m a numbers guy because you know darn good. Well, I’m not a numbers guy, but I love Google analytics and I love, I love the clicks and I love getting into the weeds with that. But yeah, when it comes to any other numbers, no, that’s definitely your turf.

Dayna (17:24.013)
You do.

Kevin Henry (17:35.95)
there’s no doubt there.

Dayna (17:36.589)
Oh, oh, I don’t know about that. Yeah, so, yeah, besides all the amazing dental things that that Kevin and I do, and all those little quirks now that you’ve learned about me and my my travel habits. Kevin and I just started playing pickleball. And yep. And I should have brought my paddle up here. I just got my brand new paddle Kevin and I are.

Kevin Henry (17:53.934)
We did. Yep.

Dayna (18:01.517)
have started, there’s a local pickleball court that just opened up recently. And so we’ve started playing coached play and, you know, just kind of dabbling in this indoor sport because, you know, in Denver, in Colorado, it’s cold. I don’t like to be cold, you know that. And so we’ve been having fun. Now, Kevin has some war wounds from playing pickleball already.

Kevin Henry (18:24.76)
I do. I do. Yeah. Luckily you’re not paying down to see my knee right now. And then the skin marks I’ve got, but you know, but we did play, we did play outdoor when we were in Mexico a few weeks ago and we learned the wind is not a lot of fun to play in either to be honest with all the curves and everything. Yeah.

Dayna (18:31.501)
No, I’m not going to do that.

Dayna (18:37.611)
Oh yeah.

Dayna (18:42.795)
Oh my gosh, no kidding. Yeah. So pickleball in Mexico. So Kevin and I did do a week of Cancun a couple of weeks ago and for my birthday week and we got to play glow pickleball. So it was at nighttime and it was, so we got to put like this war paint, this glow paint on our faces. And then I had some on my arms so you could see me when I was hitting the racket.

Kevin Henry (18:58.51)
Yes, we did.

Dayna (19:12.877)
And then what was really funny is the outfit that I actually was wearing was like bright orange. And so, you know, you could see me walking across the court, but that was really fun. And the ball was going everywhere because it was so windy.

Kevin Henry (19:28.622)
Yeah, it was, it was fun. And, you one thing about you is that, you know, I’ll admit, I didn’t have any glow in the dark paint on me. You know, I was playing pickleball, but you got, you always get into it. You’re always like, Hey, is that something? Sure. Put it on. Let’s do it. I mean, you, whenever you, you don’t go things halfway, you’re always all in with whatever we’re doing. There’s no doubt about that. So.

Dayna (19:47.693)

Dayna (19:53.133)
do love experiences. I just love to dive into things. Okay, so I’m going to kind of kind of push back on that just a little bit because you did get into the foam party.

Kevin Henry (20:06.934)
Oh, the foam party. Well, the foam party, you know, that was yeah, and tell people what the foam party was, because they’re gonna go, what are we talking about? Yeah.

Dayna (20:12.749)
Okay, what are we talking about? So when we were in Mexico, we were staying at Margaritaville and so in their pool, they would then they had this big foam machine that was pushing out bubbles onto the pool. And that was pretty, that was an experience. Neither one of us had ever been involved in a foam party in a pool before. So that was an experience. And yeah, you were you were totally into it.

Kevin Henry (20:39.054)
it was something for sure. Oh, yeah, I mean, you know, because and can I be honest, it’s because you were into it. You know, I mean, because I knew I knew that was really important to you. And I’m I’m not, you know, one thing about my personality is I’ve never been that person to dive into something first. And so but I knew this was important to you. And you you’ve talked about this foam party.

and how cool it was going to be. And I’m like, you know, we got one shot to do this. So absolutely let’s dive in. Let’s make it the most that we can. And there’s actually some really cool videos of our pictures, I should say of us in the foam party and doing stuff like that.

Dayna (21:16.237)
Yeah, that’s true. Well, you are –

Kevin Henry (21:21.838)
Well, and it’s not because I don’t want to do it, but you’re you know, and you know, I love personalities, you know, I love doing disk and everything. We are on opposite ends of the spectrum. There’s no doubt about that. And so a lot of times you’re all like, woo, and I’m like, no, you know, so, you know,

Dayna (21:39.085)
Kevin, this is gonna be.

Kevin Henry (21:41.262)
And I’m like, no, no, it’s not. But anyway, much like temperature, much like everything else, there’s always compromise because there are things that I will absolutely do with you and you will absolutely do with me. And they may not be our favorite things, but we’re doing it with our favorite person. So that works.

Dayna (21:58.573)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, there’s one thing that I drug you out to, you know, with the solar eclipse coming up, it reminds me of when we did the previous solar eclipse. Okay, so I’m gonna tell you guys the story. So, Kevin, so the solar eclipse happened to be the band, you know, if you get into the band, you get the full.

Kevin Henry (22:07.854)
Oh yeah.

Kevin Henry (22:24.942)
the band of totality, you know.

Dayna (22:26.701)
the band of totality, you get the full on solar eclipse experience. And it happened to be about at least a hundred miles north of us in Wyoming. And so Kevin and I, we had just flown home from a dental conference. I think we rolled into home about one o ‘clock in the morning. From Vegas, okay.

Kevin Henry (22:50.158)
From Vegas. Let’s make sure that like this clear. Yeah, yeah. So there was that out of the layer as well. So anyway, yes.

Dayna (22:56.191)
So we had just rolled in from a conference in Vegas about one o ‘clock in the morning and the eclipse was the total eclipse of the sun was happening at about 11 a .m. the next morning. And we’re like, okay, we could get a couple hours of sleep and then we could drive up to Wyoming. And I’m like, you know what, what we really need to do is we need to leave right now.

and we need to get up there and get a parking spot and then we could sleep in the car. Kevin’s like, you’ve got to be kidding me. And so I grabbed pillows from the bed. I packed a bunch of snacks and we drove up to Wyoming at one o ‘clock in the morning. And I think we got up to the place that we were gonna be at about.

Kevin Henry (23:37.678)
Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

Dayna (23:50.925)
four o ‘clock in the morning. I think we finally got up there about four a .m. And the place where we decided to park was already like super packed. I mean, and so we parked the car and we grabbed the pillows and we got a couple hours of sleep in the car until the solar eclipse of the sun was starting to happen. And that was probably one of the things I drug you to.

Kevin Henry (24:00.366)
Yeah, it was like a wrist stop or something like that, yeah.

Dayna (24:18.123)
one time. But you have to admit that was one of the coolest things we’ve ever done.

Kevin Henry (24:22.388)
Absolutely and and with all the talk about little eclipse coming up. I’ve told that story I don’t know how many times that if you get a chance to be in the band of totality It’s worth it. It absolutely is and luckily that was a beautiful clear day in Wyoming So, you know no issues with the seeing the eclipse or anything else But yeah, I’ll admit about 2 30 in the morning driving through northern Colorado slash southern Wyoming. It was one of those Okay, really but you know?

Dayna (24:48.141)

Kevin Henry (24:50.792)
About 11 o ‘clock it definitely paid off. It absolutely did.

Dayna (24:55.117)
Yeah, yeah, it was. So that’s just one of the funny stories. Oh my gosh. Well, I know.

Kevin Henry (25:00.814)
Yeah, well, travel’s a big part of what we do. And not only for work, but also that I think that’s our love language as well is, you know, any chance that we get to explore somewhere new or try some new food or, you know, meet a new culture, whatever it is, I think that’s something that you and I both have, you know, definitely bonded over during.

Dayna (25:21.165)
Yes, yes, we have attempted fourteen teeners. We have done some pretty incredible hikes. And we just continue to explore the world and, and have fun doing it. And so that’s why I really wanted my 100th episode to kind of pull back the curtain on my life a little bit and give you a little bit a little glimpse into my world.

Kevin Henry (25:42.592)

Kevin Henry (25:51.822)
Yeah. And, you know, those of you who work with Dayna and the industry, you know, if you’re listening to this podcast, absolutely talk to her sometime. You want to get her excited. Talk to her about food, talk to her about travel, talk to her about the ocean, talk to her about the things that really you see those beautiful eyes light up a little bit. And it’s, it’s definitely something to, it’s good to peel back the curtain and for us to know each other more than just being in the dental industry, you know, together.

Dayna (26:17.965)
Oh, thank you, sweetie. I appreciate it.

Kevin Henry (26:22.446)
Glad to help. And yeah, you’re welcome to write for Dr. Bicuspid with anytime you want. Just know that.

Dayna (26:30.669)
I love you. And I love all of you, my listeners. Thank you so much for spending a little bit of time with me today and Kevin and pulling back the curtain on my life a little bit. I know it was a kind of a change up episode, but I hope you enjoyed it. And I look forward to watching your journey of becoming a high performing dental team.