On-Boarding New Team Members With no Dentrix Experience

The talk of town has been finding, hiring, and keeping dental team members for all positions in the practice. In fact, my husband (Kevin Henry) has built a presentation on this very topic and shared it recently with an AADOM chapter hungry for this information. It is especially challenging to find applicants with Dentrix experience.

Since this is such a hot topic right now, I wanted to share with all of you information that might be helpful for you with finding team members with no Dentrix experience and on-boarding them successfully into your practice. I have asked my friend and colleague, Sadie Stewart, to have a conversation on this topic. We recently did a podcast to discuss our ideas for finding team members without Dentrix experience and the resources you have for on-boarding them into your practice.

During our podcast, we discuss our experiences with our offices and what we have found to be successful in training new employees and giving them resources to bring them up to speed. Listen to our conversation and check out the resources we talk about.

You will hear that we both have had great success with people from the banking industry because they have great people skills, they have systematic protocols, and are very detailed. We have also seen success with people who have been servers at restaurants because they know how to see the big picture and have great customer service skills. If you have a favorite bank teller or waiter/waitress, let him or her know you are hiring and see what happens.

Another thing we talk about in the podcast is looking for men to fill vacancies in the practice. Both Sadie and I have seen an increase in men taking roles for office managers, practice administrators, and marketing experts. With so many women out of the workforce right now with kids at home, now is a great time to re-write those ads with an interest for men looking for a career change.

During our conversation, Sadie and I talk about several resources to check out for introducing your new hire to the Dentrix software and giving him or her some additional resources for best practices. Below you will see a list of what we talked about.

  • Dentrix Mastery Tracks is included in your Dentrix customer support plan and can be accessed in the Resource Center. This can be a great way to learn how to navigate the software and check your knowledge.
  • The Novonee membership gives your new team member (and your entire team) access to best practices for making your Dentrix software work better for you. I teach more about “why” you would use Dentrix a certain way to get the outcome you are looking for.
  • Download my free guide for on-boarding a new admin team member into your practice. This nine page document will give you my fourteen day on-boarding process that many practices have found helpful.
  • You can also find many YouTube videos, Facebook groups, and articles on tips and tricks.

Please reach out to Sadie or I if you have any questions about on-boarding a new team member who has no Dentrix experience. Remember, you can teach them the software, but you can’t teach them personality.

Sadie Stewart, founder of Office Swell

Sadie Stewart has managed several successful dental practices in Hawaii and Colorado and continues to share her expertise and knowledge to any practice needing a push in the right direction. As a Certified Dental Technology expert, she is dedicated to helping practices transform into a thriving practice, all while utilizing current technology to streamline systems and protocols.

Sadie graduated from University of Hawaii at Manoa where she studied Business Administration and Psychology. Currently, she is a proud member of The Academy of Dental Management Consultants, the American Association of Dental Office Managers and the National Speakers Association.

In her very little free time, she enjoys the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, hiking, traveling, time with family, and freediving.