Kickoff to 2nd Quarter – Maximizing Dental Hygiene Productivity and Profitability

To kick off 3rd quarter, I recently had an engaging conversation with my friend Claire Dickinson about maximizing the efficiency and profitability of the dental hygiene department, especially during the upcoming slower summer months. We both are very passionate and committed to coaching dental teams on maximizing dental hygiene productivity and profitability.

After Claire and I caught up on our kids and social life, we shifted to strategies for keeping the hygiene schedule full and productive. I stressed the importance of pre-appointing patients before they leave and documenting their next visit in the clinical notes. This documentation will help the entire team be in the know about what happened in today’s visit and what is next. Claire added that clear communication with patients about the importance of regular visits can also help prevent gaps in the schedule.

We also discussed the need for transparency regarding practice profitability. I highlighted the significance of hygienists understanding the financial aspects of the practice and taking ownership of their chair. By being mindful of scheduling and treatment planning, hygienists can significantly contribute to the financial health of the practice. Claire and I both stress the importance of being transparent about the practice numbers and how the entire team can influence the profitability of the practice.

With over 50% of adult Americans having some form of periodontal disease, another important topic we covered was building up the perio program in a general practice. I shared insights into how hygienists can educate patients about the benefits of periodontal treatment and the risks of not following through with recommended care.

As we wrapped up, Claire and I brainstormed upcoming topics for the quarter to focus on the hygiene department, team communication, and scheduling effectively for each patient. Our conversation underscored the importance of collaboration and proactive approaches in the hygiene department, setting a positive example for dental professionals striving to excel in their practice.

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