How the dental hygienist plays a crucial role in patient retention

Rachel Wall, RDH
Rachel Wall, RDH

Rachel Wall, RDH is CEO and Founder of Inspired Hygiene, a coaching firm focused on elevating hygiene services, systems and profits. Inspired Hygiene strives to help dental teams achieve a triple win with healthier patients, empowered, engaged hygienists and a profitable practice.

Patient retention and case acceptance affects your day to day operations and profitability of your practice and a loyal patient base adds value to your business and joy to your work. Your hygiene team plays a critical role in retaining patients with their communication, education and their ability to partner with the dentist as a diagnostic and therapeutic partner. Dayna and Rachel discuss the importance of reappointing patients, how hygiene can build patient confidence and track this incredibly important metric of patient retention.

Rachel is an award-winning educator, author of the book “Return on Hygiene” and has spent the last 30 years serving the industry as a clinical hygienist and hygiene productivity coach. To learn more about how Inspired Hygiene can help your team achieve their goals, visit Inspired Hygiene for more information.

Listen to our conversation how the dental hygienist can build in key points in the Dentrix clinical note to help the scheduling team reinforce the value of the recare visit. We also discuss the importance of reappointing patients for their next visit