First quarter recap of Dentrix tips and workflow enhancements

Hey, my friends, can you believe first quarter is already in the books? This is my opportunity to recap the last three months to see what you have learned and implemented. There was a lot of information covered with articles, blogs and videos so let’s review the best practices for your Dentrix software and how you can create the on-boarding process you dream about.

In January, Claire and I kicked off the new year by discussing the need for organization in the dental practice and the importance of having an outlined job description for all team members. If you missed any of these episodes, you can click on the links below to jump right to each one with one click.

Then, in February I wanted you to build out a roadmap for any new on-boarding you would be doing so your new hires (and current team members) would not get lost when scheduling. It’s important that you design your schedule in a way that will help you reach your goals, help you stay on time with patients, and reduce stress throughout the day. Check out the blogs and podcasts by clicking on the links below.

In February I also had a very special guest on my podcast to talk about how to harness your personality superpower so you are happy and productive in your role in your practice. Kevin and I happened to be married and we recorded this podcast from our kitchen table 😊

Finally, in March I wrapped up the first quarter with adding collections and revenue cycle management into your cross-training program. You will hear me say a lot “collections is a team sport” because everyone on the team contributes to collecting money, even the doctor. Check out the blogs and podcasts from March:

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