Get a handle on your Lab Cases

Sep 26, 2018
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm MDT

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Barry walks in for his scheduled appointment to deliver his nightguard and your dental assistant escorts Barry to the treatment room, puts his bib on and lets him know she would be right back to deliver his nightguard. Ashley goes back to the lab area to locate Joe’s nightguard only to find that his nightguard is not at the office. She frantically calls the lab to find out where Barry’s nightguard is and the response is, “We can have it to you by tomorrow.” Well, that’s not good enough. You need it today. How did this happen? Where was the breakdown in communication?

This common situation can be avoided with a couple tweaks in your system. Your Dentrix software can help you track both the patient appointment and the lab case.

In today’s webinar you will learn . . .

  • Easy way to track lab cases
  • How to eliminate the paper book for lab tracking
  • Printing the lab slip and sending to the Document Center

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