Best Practices . . . Daily Routines

As a member of Novonee, you have access to all of our live Dentrix user meetings online and all of our on-demand webinars. We recently have been doing a webinar series on the Best Practices for the dental office. What we did is break it down by a Daily, Weekly and Monthly routine and give you some starting points on what to monitor and what to look for so you can make sure your patient data is as accurate as possible. Our Best Practices series is geared toward the general practice. However, if you join our live events and you are a specialty practice, this gives you an opportunity to join the conversation and ask questions that are specific to you.

We start with our Daily system with two reports to run every day. These two reports are there for you to make sure your production, collection, adjustments and new patient numbers are all in line.

  • Daysheet – I know this may sound like a no-brainer but I am amazed at how many offices do not look at a daysheet every day. I had a doctor reach out to me via email and she was looking for a process to put some safety measures in place for her clinical team. What happened was a root canal had accidentally been posted as compete instead of existing. Since it had been posted complete to the ledger, it also got sent to the insurance company and paid a couple weeks later. My response to this request was, “This is not a clinical problem. This is an administrative problem because it should have been caught if someone on the team was looking at the daysheet.” Use this report to make sure all your numbers balance . . . period!
  • Daily Huddle Report – This is a great report to look at every day to track how you are heading toward your monthly production goal and help give your team a heads up if you need to make some adjustments to your schedule if needed. You can also see where you are at for your monthly collection percentage and case acceptance. My favorite piece to this report is the new patient numbers. Make sure to look at your new patient totals and your referral source totals and make sure they are accurate. This will help ensure your monthly new patient numbers will be spot on.

Watching your key numbers on a daily basis gives you the details you need not only to balance for accounting purposes, but also gives you a heads up so that you can make some adjustments to your appointment book and your accounts receivable system before you close out your month. When you watch your numbers on a daily basis, you can bring your team in sooner to help you find solutions. In Novonee, we help you find solutions and help answer your questions about your daily Best Practices.