Where in the @#*~& is my accurate A/R in Dentrix?

Where in the @#*~& can I find the most accurate accounts receivable number in my Dentrix software? Giggle . . . I hear that all the time. Well, maybe not with the cussing, but I know you are all thinking that. There are many places in Dentrix that will give you numbers and show you an ending accounts receivable balance. The question is, “What do all these numbers mean to me” and “Are they accurate?”

I want to help you understand your Dentrix software better so you know how much money you have on the books so you can work on getting it into your bank account. This first quarter of 2022 is all about revenue cycle management and giving you the tools, verbal skills, and resources you need to bring in the money. The first place we are going to start is showing you where to find your accounts receivable.

There are several places in Dentrix to find your A/R. Below, I am giving you the definition of each spot.

  • Practice Advisor Report is the most accurate place to find your accounts receivable because it gives you the total A/R, the aging of the account balances and the ratio to your production. This report does not care about the month end process so the aging is 100% spot on.
  • The Practice Analysis snapshot is actually one of the worst places to look at your A/R and it is also one of the most popular. The reason it is one of the worst is that you cannot filter it by provider or billing type and it is totally dependent on the month end process.
  • The Provider A/R Totals Report is a great place to find your providers charges, payments, and adjustments. It can be a great spot to see your accounts receivable if you are up to date on your month end process. One of the things that happens during month end is that it moves the ending accounts receivable balance into the beginning balance of the new month.
  • The Aging Report will give you an accurate total accounts receivable. However, if you are not up to date on month end, the aging of the balances will not be accurate.

This is such an important topic that I created an entire course for all you Dentrix users. If you want to take a deep dive into monitoring, managing, and working your accounts receivable, I invite you to check our my membership on online resources. Check out my online store page for all the details and the “Understanding Your KPI’s” course.