Stop paying hidden fees with your Dentrix integrated credit card processor

Cheryl McKenna
Cheryl McKenna

Passionate about saving every dental practice money without having to switch merchants. Cheryl is very active in the dental industry and a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants. She lives in Colorado with her son Parker.

There is NO NEED to overpay to accept patient credit cards. At Merchant Advocate, we help lower the rates and fees you are paying WITHOUT the need to change processors. Yep…NO changing. Yay! Have you ever looked at the practice’ merchant statement and tried to make sense of all of those acronyms? Here are a few client success stories that will provide a better understanding of what we do.

Tamara Whitley is a dental spouse and Office Manager that came to me because, as she says, “Merchant service statements are hieroglyphics to me, but I had this nagging feeling that we were being overcharged. We absolutely LOVE the ease of our integrated system, so we were dreading switching processors. I heard about Cheryl and Merchant Advocate and reached out to see if I could save money while remaining with our current processor.” Turns out that Tamara was indeed being overcharged so we helped negotiate with her processor, saving her thousands of dollars every year. We also uncovered that she was not payment card industry (PCI) compliant which meant she was being fined about $500 each year and, do you know that PCI overlaps the HIPAA Security Rule? Tamara had no idea because her processor never pointed that out. She was relieved to be saving money and eliminating a liability.

If you know how to decode those statements, and that’s our specialty at Merchant Advocate, there are unlimited opportunities to save money and even eliminate liability.

If you are using Dentrix Quickbill Email Statements, Dentrix text-to-pay (coming soon) or Dentrix Pay, do not change merchants without talking to Cheryl first.

Dayna Johnson

Marianne Pascarella is an Office Manager of a two location practice in California. Marianne’s practices take patient credit card payments within the practice management software and she was not interested in switching to a processor who could not integrate and in fact…wasn’t interested in switching processor’s at all. Change would have been too disruptive for her busy practices. An audit of Marianne’s statements showed she was overpaying so, guess what we did? We eliminated that issue by negotiating a fair pricing structure. We also look at Marianne’s statements every month because processors raise rates and/or add fees an average of 2-3 times per year. During the two and a half years we have been working with her, we have found FIVE rate increases and each time, we have worked to roll those back and restore profit to the practice. Here is what Marianne said to me after I notified her that the audit of her recent statement had uncovered a rate increase, “What nonsense and proof of the value of your service.  We would never have known.”

Merchant Advocate is on the same side of the table as our clients; a watchdog that holds processor’s feet to the fire to keep your fees low. We only get paid if we save your practice money and our pay is simply a portion of the savings we generate. Win‑win!

For a free analysis, email or text me your name, practice name, email and phone number. I’ll be in touch with next steps.!

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Cheryl McKenna
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