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    Is there a way to print unscheduled treatment for people who have insurance that shows the treatment needed and the remaining benefit?

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    Nevermind, I got it!

  • Is there a template to change a message that prints out on the treatment plan we give to patients.

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    After watching Part 1 of the protecting your license webinar, I noticed you were going over the medical history on the computer screen. We are currently using an ipad to update, but would prefer PC. When I click on the pt then questionnaires, it not pulling up their current history. Can you tell me how to do that on the computer?

  • Awesome! Yes! I wanted patient names as well. I will check this out!

    Thanks so much!

  • Is there a report to see what treatment was added to a treatment plan each day and what was scheduled from the recommended treatment plan.

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    How do we add another doctor on the claims to have their name provider, but Billing entity is the office and pay to provider is the office name? I know where to go in Dentrix, but apparently I am not selecting the correct settings. I go to office manager, Maintenance, Practice Defaults.. but not sure what to put in each section.

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    One of our dental assistants is having elbow and wrist surgery this week. She can’t assist for at least 2 weeks, but wants to come back to work after 1 week. What are the best reports to print that she can call unscheduled TX? Any other great reports to run that could keep her busy? Or any awesome marketing ideas she might be able to work on?

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    what is the best way to send electronic billing statements and is there a way to send them daily or weekly. i feel there might be a better way to do this than we are doing?

  • I have another question about purging/deleting unused insurance companies. Is there a way to delete duplicate or unused insurance that is not attached to any patients?

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