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    First, go to the Office Manager > Maintenance > Practice Setup > Practice Resource Setup. In the upper right area you can add an operatory. It will put the OP in alpha/numeric order left to right on the appointment book.

    Then go to the Appointment Book and add the new OP to the View. Click on View at the top and then edit the view you want to change.


    Here is a COVID questionnaire that many practices are using to screen patients. You can add it to your Questionnaires if you are using electronic forms and upload it to your website. You could also add it to your patient check in or the Patient Portal if you are using Patient Engage.

    Let me know if you have more questions about Patient Engage or the Patient Portal


    Medication List to add to the Health History module. Use this list to copy and paste medications so you can build your database of meds.


    I would ask them if they are using the Send to Dentrix Document Center feature so they can eliminate the scanning. This is in the printer drivers so it should show up if you print a document. It does a virtual print so they can avoid scanning.


    Yes, you are correct. If you want to use the contracted fees on your patient ledger and in treatment planning, then you want to attach the fee schedule to the insurance plan. When you attach the fee schedule to the insurance plan then make sure the fee schedule up in the patient demographics section is clicked to NONE . Then if you want to send full fee to the insurance company make sure you are using a claim form that has the “F” at the end of it, either the DX2012F or the DX2019F.

    Remember that the fee schedule in the patient demographics section overrides the insurance plan fee schedule.
    Hope this helps,


    Sometimes, it depends on how much info the insurance company wants to disclose. You will get 1-4 pages of benefit information depending on the plan. MetLife and Delta are the most detailed.


    Are you using Dentrix eClaims? What kind of trouble are you experiencing?


    Here is a tip sheet for integrating the CareCredit feature into your natural workflow. This feature is available in G7.


    In your example it will find patients who have missed 3 or more appointments within your date range.


    The Practice Advisor pulls the over the counter stats from the payment types you select from the list. Go to the setup section on the Practice Advisor window and select your over the counter payment types. If you don’t have any or you want to create more go to the Office Manager > Maintenance > Practice Setup > Definitions.

    Hope this helps.


    When you use fee schedules it is also important to make sure your claims are going out with your full fees, especially when a patient has dual insurance. This ensures that the insurance plans are paying at the highest fee just in case they have increased the fee schedule without you knowing. Also, with dual you are entitled to collect up to your full fee from the insurance plans.

    The medical advantage plans sounds like it is not your problem, sounds like they are processing the claims incorrect.

    To answer your question, there is no magic wand to change all the patients back to the full office fee. You can, however, override the PPO fee schedules with your full office fee and then you can update the treatment plans all at the same time. Go the the Fee Schedule Maintenance > Select your fee schedule and click on Auto Updates and then copy your full fee schedule back into your PPO fee schedule.

    Hope this helps,


    I hate it when insurance companies do that.

    First option would be to send the payment back to the insurance company and ask for a refund request for pt B and a true payment for pt A.

    Next option would be to post the payment to pt A and if the check is lower than what the insurance would have paid to pt A you might have to use an adjustment to fulfill the payment. Then put a note on the adjustment as to what happened. Then post the refund to pt B as normal.


    Best Practices for Dealing with Ortho in Dentrix. Here is a tip sheet for managing ortho patients and billing in Dentrix.


    Our webinar today was on five options for implementing your consent forms into Dentrix. Here is a tip sheet you can use at your office.


    I recommend making notes in the Claim Status Note box and this note box can print on the Insurance Aging Report.

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