Dentrix Quickbill Email Statements

Stop paying hidden fees with your Dentrix integrated credit card processor

October 11, 2021

There is NO NEED to overpay to accept patient credit cards. At Merchant Advocate, we help lower the rates and fees you are paying WITHOUT the need to change processors.…

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How Dentrix software can help protect your doctors license

September 30, 2021

This past week, I had the amazing opportunity to present two courses at the Dentsply Sirona World 2021 and thought it would be a good time to recap the highlights…

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Dentrix 3rd quarter

Let Dentrix lead you into the final innings of 2021

August 28, 2021

We are in the home stretch of 2021. If your practice is trending to have an awesome year, keep up the good work! If your practice is searching for some…

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5 Key Factors in Protecting Your Doctor’s License

July 31, 2018

Of course, you all know my specialty is working with dental teams and optimizing your Dentrix software. Being a trusted partner in your dental practice involves helping optimize your Dentrix…

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Improve Profitability with the Right Payment Card Solution

July 4, 2018

Let’s face it, to provide the level of service your patients demand, you simply have to accept cards as payment for services. To do so efficiently, you have to process…

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The Versatility of the Questionnaire Module

June 25, 2018

In 2009, my office was paperless before we were chartless. Go figure! The only thing we were using the paper chart for was holding film X-rays because my doctor could…

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