Discover Lois Banta’s top 3 ingredients for ideal A/R management

Lois Banta
Lois Banta

Lois has over 45 years of dental experience and speaks nationally and internationally. She is the owner and CEO of The Speaking Consulting Network and Healthcare Enterprises. She is a member of The Academy of Dental Management Consultants (ADMC), The American Academy of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) and The American Academy of Dental Practice (AADP). She received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2016 AADOM conference and was listed as one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry. In 2021, Lois also received the prestigious Gordon J. Christensen Lecturer Recognition award, presented at the annual Chicago Dental Society 2021 Conference. 

Listen to our fast-paced informative interview with Lois Banta. She is the leading expert on getting the money off the books and into your bank account. Today Lois talks about her three ingredients, her special sauce, to have a successful revenue cycle management program.

  1. Leadership – how to get the right person for the job
  2. Systems and written protocols
  3. Verbal skills

During our podcast today Lois offered her sample collection letters and if you would like a copy of her sample letters email her directly.

If you are interested in reaching out to Lois for a team retreat or annual planning email her directly at: