How to get PDF reports out of Dentrix to upload to your PPP loan

With the new Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) now available for small business owners to apply for the $349 billion dollars in relief money, you will be required to submit documentation with the application.  I had a doctor reach out to me this morning which gave me the idea of writing this blog today. He needed to submit reports for gross production and gross collections to his financial institution in a PDF format.

If you need to get reports out of Dentrix in a PDF format you can follow these steps so you can upload them to your PPP loan application. The nice thing is you can do this all from home with a remote connection to your office computer. This will save you a lot of time having to drive into the office to get the reports you need.  You can use these steps for anything you want to send to the Document Center without printing and scanning.  CLICK HERE for another article on this feature.

  1. Generate the report you need from the Office Manager. It sounds like the PPP application is looking for Gross Production and Gross Collections for 2019 or the last 12 months.  The best report for this would be the Analysis Summary Report.  Go to Reports > Management > Analysis Summary, select your date range, production date and click OK.
  2. From the Batch Processor double click on the report to view it. In the upper left corner click on File > Print Report.  In the drop down menu for the printer select “Send to Dentrix Document Center” and click OK.
  3. Open the Document Center and select a provider (I would select the owner doctor or practice). This will open the Document Center.   Click on the Unfiled Documents folder to find your report.
  4. Click on Attach, select the folder you want to put the report, give it a name and click OK.
  5. Highlight the report in the list of documents and click on the Export icon on the toolbar. Now save the report on your Desktop or to a folder of your choice.

The nice thing about following these directions is that you can do all of this from a remote connection.  You do not need to print and scan the report to get it into a PDF format.  CLICK HERE  for a PPP fact sheet from the Treasury Department.

Hope this helps and hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

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