How Dentrix can help you reach your New Years resolutions

We all have at least one. Some of you might yell it to the world and make it public, then some of you might silently keep it to yourself because you are afraid it might not come true.

New Year’s resolutions are personal, professional, and, for some of us, a little bit of both. Your personal resolution might be to exercise more or eat healthier and your professional resolution might be to work fewer days in 2021. If you work in a dental practice, your practice management software can help you accomplish your goals . . . I guarantee it.

With some setup in your Dentrix software and some discipline on your part, you can accomplish anything. Remember that your entire day revolves around your software. Your eyes are in it all day long and, since you spend 40+ hours a week at your office, this is a great place to organize your thoughts and systems to help you achieve your goals.

Let’s take a look at what we can map out and how the Dentrix software can help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions.

“I commit to having a set lunch break for my team so we can have quality down time and connection with each other” GREAT IDEA!

  • Add in lunch time into your appointment book so you can visually see the closed time during the lunch hour. Go to the Appointment Book > Practice Appointment Book > then, on the left side, change your open and closed hours to fit in your new lunch break. This will also help the Practice Advisor calculate your unscheduled time units.
  • Use Perfect Day Scheduling to help you stay on time and give your team a guideline to schedule. This map is great for new team members who need a visual showing where to schedule certain types of appointments. If you are like me, you like having things organized and everything in their correct places. I love Perfect Day Scheduling and I think you will too. If you would like to watch a short video on ideas for mapping out your schedule, you can check out my YouTube channel.

“2021 is my year to put together a bonus system for my team” AWESOME!

  • Work with your financial planner to determine what items make up the incentive plan. If you are going to track production goals, then you can enter your goals into Dentrix and monitor them on the Daily Huddle Report and the navigation calendar in the upper left corner of the appointment book. Go to the Office Manager > Analysis > Setup > Goals, then enter your goals for each producer in your practice. Next, I would set up custom view for each producer so they can monitor his or her own production goal.
  • If your incentive is going to be based on the accounts receivable ratio, new patient numbers, or collections, then you can use the Daily Huddle for a daily boost of motivation, and then use Practice Advisor Report to see your practice results. The Practice Advisor Report allows for many trackable goals to help your team stay on pace.

“I want to eat healthier and drink more water throughout the day” AMAZING!

  • Since your eyes are in your software all day, you can use a different places in Dentrix to make notes to yourself and give yourself pop-up reminders. Use a brightly colored event or the Appointment Book note to give yourself a little boost of motivation.
  • If you want something that will pop up at you, then I would recommend the Office Journal Reminders. Remember that not only does every patient have an Office Journal, but every team member also has his or her own Office Journal. You can add a reminder for 12/31/2021 and then set your Office Journal to pop up every morning when you log in. I have a tip sheet for this if you would like me to send it to you.

I am excited for the new year and look forward to helping you understand your Dentrix software in a way that gives you the practice you desire and the lifestyle you deserve.