Four Steps to more Productive Scheduling – Dr. Bicuspid

re-printed with permission from Dr. Bicuspid

I was recently presenting to a group of dental teams in the Denver area and I was on the topic of the appointment book. One lady in the audience raised her hand and said, “You know . . . nobody uses an appointment book anymore. Everyone uses the computer for scheduling.” I had to hold back the sarcasm that I wanted to throw back and instead answered her calmly with a smile, “Yes, I know everyone is using the computer for scheduling. It’s just terminology that everyone can relate to.” Now when I give that same presentation, I make it clear to the audience I understand no one is actually using a paper appointment book.

I was on the topic of the appointment book because we were talking about giving the team clear guidelines with scheduling because I am a firm believer that anyone on the team can schedule an appointment if he or she knows what the rules are. So often I go into dental practices and everyone is so frustrated by the end of the day because it was complete chaos all day. Your entire day revolves around the appointment book and how you feel at the end of the day is partly from how the schedule flowed throughout the day.

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