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    Good morning! We noticed that for our office, Patient Visit Forms worked better than the Routing Slips since we had more room at the bottom to write any extra info the Dr wanted to communicate with the front. But, we noticed that our Treatment Plans for the patients were coming out of order and we can not tell what order is being listed by. How can I edit the Patient Visit Forms, so that our pending treatment plans for that specific patient can come out in order of teeth?


    Good Morning! Just so I understand . . . the teeth numbers are only out of order on the Visit Form?
    Have you printed a Route Slip?
    Does it do the same thing on a Route Slip?
    Are the teeth in order if you print a treatment plan?
    Do you put your treatment plan in order by visit?
    What version of Dentrix are you on?


    The teeth are grouped together on the Routing Slip, but they do not seem to follow any order between patients. Also, the Routing Slip shows a limited amount of procedures on the treatment plan and it does not show the full TXP, the Patient Visit Form will show ALL treatment plan even if it takes the whole page. Also, the Routing Slip seems to be following the order of Visits, but again it does not follow a specific order of visit. For example, I will have one patient start the treatment plan on Visit 2 and the other patient start at Visit 1.


    Thank you. I am on it. Doing some research for you now and will let you know what I find out.


    I sent an email to the development department at Dentrix and they said the Visit Form should be using the same list order as the Route Slip. She is going to find out why it is not working that way and let me know more later today.

    Hold tight and I will have more info soon.


    Thank you very much!


    It sounds like the Patient Visit Form just needs the sorting programming added to match the sorting on the Patient Route Slip. The good thing is that it will be added into a future update (probably 7.1 or 7.2), the down side is that it will not help you right now.
    You did help with making the software better, thank you! I wish we could do something about it right now.


    Not a problem I am updating the Dr and team!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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