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    I have a quick question about the best way to keep up with a patient’s portion of the proposed treatment plan that they will owe. Before we went truly paperless, we would print off the treatment plan from Dentrix with the estimated insurance benefit and patient portion. We would place that in the front slot of the patient’s chart/folder. When the patient was taken up front after their procedure, the front desk could easily flip to that page and accept the appropriate payment.

    Now that we are attempting to move to completely paperless and relying on Dentrix more, I’m not sure the best solution for this. Does the front desk need to open the treatment planner for each patient that comes up? Should we create a “pop-up” alert for any patient having work done with their portion? Is there a spot on the route slip?

    Any advice on what works for your offices would be greatly appreciated!


    My recommendation when ever you give a patient a printed treatment plan is always send an original copy to the patients Document Center so you have the same copy. Then as you schedule the visits you can put the patients co-pay in the note section of the appointment. The appointment note will show on a route slip or visit form so the entire team can see what the patient owes for today.

    To answer your question about if the Front Office should open the treatment planner the answer is yes. Or open the Document Center where you saved the original copy. There is a note section in the Document Center if your team wants to enter notes on the document.

    When you go paperless you will have new places to find information. For every page of your paper chart there is a digital alternative.


    EJ Wall

    Is there a template to change a message that prints out on the treatment plan we give to patients.


    I would definitely put a copy of the treatment plan estimate in the Document Center as if that is the front pocket of the paper chart. You can scan or use the Send to Dentrix Document print feature. Then your front office team can look there for the treatment outline, fees and patient out of pocket. Then I would recommend putting the patient co-pay in the appointment note. Let me know how that works for you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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