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    Where in Dentrix can I store a credit card number if a patients gives me the authorization to charge their card each month?

    Karen Clemmens

    I have offices that put them in the Family File, HIPAA protected note field, however I am not sure of the legality of that. I would consider scanning them in the patient Doc Center with a signed consent form as a better option (or the office manager’s Doc Center)


    I forgot I had posted this question in here, I was using it as a test question. There is actually no place in Dentrix that is HIPAA compliant to store a credit card number. My recommendation would be to see if the merchant they are using has an online portal or Power Pay is a better option.


    Does anyone have a template of this consent form?


    If you are using Power Pay (this is a Dentrix add on product) then it will generate a consent form for you and you can have the patient sign electronically.

    Otherwise I would create one of your own and store it in a locked location in the office. The Document Center in Dentrix is not a secure location.

    I bet your credit card merchant would have one.


    Here is a sample you can use in your office if you want.


    is there a reason I can’t print the consent form?


    Click on the Pop-out (upper left corner) and it will open it in a new window, then you have the option to print or download.

    Judel Lew

    I believe some credit card processing companies have what some call a “vault” that allows you to store cc information for non recurrent transactions.
    You can not access it through Dentrix or PowerPay directly. You can through the processor’s web site.


    I agree with you, check with your credit card company and see if they have a secure portal to store credit cards.

    Judel Lew

    I’m totally confused now with the Dentrix card reader options, and the forthcoming versions of PowePay.
    What is not stated clearly is the potential liabilities regarding fraud in relation to the card reader options (M130 vs iPP320)
    What is the future of PowePay? How many versions are expected?
    Clarification would be helpful.


    The future of Power Pay is that it is going to be replaced with Dentrix Pay very soon.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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