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    Judel Lew

    Dentrix has its internal system of tracking missed appointments, and it displays the number in the Family File screen.
    Is this number accessible through any reports?
    We used to create a missed appointment “procedure” and could see the number in our reports, If a value was assigned to these, one could also measure lost income. Also, patients can see the value of these missed appointments. ( You can credit the value to show no balance due).
    Opinions on the topic are welcome


    If you create a missed appointment procedure code then it will update the Last Visit Date so if you were looking at any reports by last visit date it may give you incorrect numbers. For example, the Practice Advisor report counts active patients by last visit date.

    In Dentrix you can run a Patient Reports by Filters and search for last missed appointment in a date range and get a list of patients. Let me know if you need instructions for this.


    Bonnie Cerasale

    Does Dentrix keep a record of inactivating patients?
    We are doing a be inactivating project in the office to better give us an idea of active patient base.
    Right now we are entering a procedure code when inactivating an account under a certain provider.
    We have the whole team working on the list so I wanted to created a way to check to be sure they are truly inactivating the patient file completely , rejecting tx , deleting unscheduled appts, clearing continuing care, clearing insurance, etc.
    I know this gives a false last visit date, does it matter if we are inactivating the patient? I hope this made sense.


    Hello Bonnie,

    Dentrix does keep track of inactive patients. You can go to the Office Manager > Reports > Lists > Inactive Patient List. This will show you patients that have had their status changed to Inactive.

    I would not recommend entering a procedure code because then it will change their Last Visit Date which would give you an inaccurate active patient base. This would also give you an inaccurate search if you were to look for patients by last visit date.

    If you want to see patients who have not been in within a certain date range you can search by last visit date in the patient report by filters search in the letter merge feature.


    Judel Lew

    I am revisiting the missed appointment question.
    The missed spot report doesn’t seem to list the number and date of appointments missed.
    Am I missing something?


    The appointment must be broken in order for the Missed Appts to be tracked. Then you will be able to see the total number of missed appointments and the date of the last missed appointment. The Office Journal also will show all broken appointments.

    There is an appointment history list on the Office Manager > Reports > Lists > Appointment History. You might look at this report and see what info it gives you.

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