Show me the Money

Jun 21, 2016
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm MDT

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I am amazed how often the doctor doesn’t know what the accounts receivable is for his practice and when he asks the office manager she doesn’t even know what report to look at. Would you like to define new protocols in your practice that will increase your cash flow, prepare patients for payment at the time of service and put you in the driver seat with insurance companies? This course will help you not only understand what it takes to be in control of your money but develop protocols for your own office.

Participants will learn:
• Discover if the office A/R is within industry standards
o How to calculate what your A/R ratio is
o What is industry standards
• Learn how to get insurance companies to pay in 30 days with the first submission
o What makes a good insurance narrative
o How to hold insurance companies accountable
• How to create a time line for phone calls, letters and follow up