Payment Allocations

Aug 06, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm MDT

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You have a new associate starting at your office and the compensation package is based on collections (or net production). How do you get accurate numbers from your Dentrix software so you can pay him correctly and the new doctor can track it on a report. Or maybe you are new to an office and the ledger balances are all over the place. How do you fix it?
These are just two scenarios that can happen in a practice where the payment allocation must be accurate in order to obtain good reports. Whether you are paying your providers on commission or you just want your ledgers to be clean and accurate, the payment allocation is key.
In today’s webinar we will learn . . .

• The default payment allocation methods and what is best for your practice
• How to fix the ledgers
• What report to use to manage payment allocations
• Q & A

This webinar is approved for 1 CE AGD/PACE

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