Best Practices…Daily

Sep 09, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm MDT

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This is the start of a series we are going to do and bring together some best practices for your team’s Daily, Weekly and Monthly management routines. These routines will be broken down into administrative and clinical so every member of the team would benefit from these next three webinars. Then I would encourage you to attend the Ask the Experts Q & A if you have questions after the recorded webinar.
I have written many articles in my blog about all the different reports you should be looking at and the different statistics that are important to keep your eye on … but what is the “best practice” for these reports? Who should be looking at them and when? In the next six weeks, my goal is to give a guideline for these questions. I will be breaking it down into a daily, weekly, and monthly format and what each team member should be monitoring in his or her department.
Takeaways for today webinar . . .
• What reports to run daily?
• Who should be looking at them?
• What are the key things to find on these reports?
• What do we do with the data?

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