Don’t Sleep on It: Learn About Dental Sleep Medicine

Aug 26, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm MDT

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In this presentation, Amie Spurlock – Sleep Systems for Success is here to help you gain better understanding of sleep apnea, know how to recognize the signs within your patients, and discover key documentation each patient should have. With oral appliance therapy, you can take patient care beyond teeth by positively impacting the overall health of your patients. Become a Dental Sleep Champion in your practice!

  • Gain a better understanding of sleep apnea
  • Explore types of documentation that is needed
  • Discover how sleep apnea is treated and how oral appliance therapy can change lives
  • Learn about key partnerships you will need in the medical community

Amie Spurlock began her career in the field of dentistry in 2002 and has successfully held every position in the office, excluding the dentist and hygienist. She has also worked with many offices as a Certified Dentrix Trainer to help each office improve their workflows to better care for their patients and the overall practice. With her understanding of how each position contributes to the success of the dental practice, she can help create valuable partnerships and systems to help impact the efficiency and profitability of every dental practice. She shares her passion by growing every valuable team member to think like an owner but it doesn’t stop with growing other people! She continues to look for continuing education opportunities to grow herself in being the best coach she can be for her clients.

Amie is passionate about training and coaching teams to become key players in helping run a successful dental practice. With her experience, she is able to identify and diagnose areas of opportunity and give workable and practical solutions. Whether it be partnering with teams in putting systems in place to make the practice run smoother or gaining an understanding of how processes and systems work to create predictable solutions.

Her biggest accomplishment has been growing a startup dental practice, Glisten Dental and Sleep Apnea Care, to become over a $2 million dollar practice on three days a week. A lot of hard work, passion, key team members, and constant evaluation of systems have been a building block of success impacting many patient’s lives! With her experience in growing and developing dental sleep medicine in the practice and witnessing the lives positively changed through this treatment, she has become passionate about reaching more patients by helping coach teams in the implementation of Dental Sleep Medicine.

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