Numbers Tell a Story . . .

Numbers tell a story. The numbers help you reinvent systems, protocols, and campaigns.

I was recently working with a dental practice that has three front office team members. They each have a list of statistics they have to track on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. When they hired me to do some training, they wanted help with extracting information from their software so it would be easier for them to complete their time-consuming tasks. I was looking at the stats they were tracking and asked them two questions … “What do you all do with this information?” and “How do these numbers help your job, your practice, and your patients?” The answer from all three team members was the same — “I don’t know. The doctor just wants it.”

I find that there is a common disconnect here between just tracking stats and actually trending stats to use in your dental practice to help make it more profitable and productive. What I find with many offices is that the front office team spends hours throughout the month tracking statistics, give the numbers to the doctor, and never hears anything back. They then start the process over again the next month with the same result.

Listen to our podcast with industry leader, Kevin Henry, and find out how more information about being transparent with your numbers and how to streamline the process.



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