Three Ways to Giving Your Scanner a Break

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I remember several years ago I was on my way to work with a new office and start them down their path to paperless. When I walked in, the two ladies at the front desk were laughing hysterically and I felt I had walked in just a little late to the party. They were laughing […]

Be Proactive not Reactive with your Schedule

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We teach our patients to be preventive with their oral health so they don’t end up in an emergency situation with a toothache or broken tooth … but are you practicing what you are preaching? Are you practicing in a preventive way to avoid situations that feel like an emergency? I recently did a webinar […]

KISS your Recare System

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Dentrix check in

I use the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method both in my personal life and in my business life. It just makes life better. I believe when you keep your business systems simple, it helps with training new team members and making sure your reports are not skewed because of human error. What I would […]

Taking Care of Your New Patients in a Digital World

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Back in the day when I was working in a practice, when a new patient called to schedule a new patient visit, we would immediately send out a welcome packet which included a beautiful office brochure, welcome letter and directions to our practice. This was the gold standard when it came to customer service and […]

The Benefits of Fee Schedules is worth the time spent

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Using Dentrix’s Fee Schedules takes a little bit of management but produces huge benefits! I am amazed at how many offices don’t know this Dentrix feature exists for setting up and managing fee schedules. If you are in one of those offices, it’s time to find it and use it – you’ll be so glad […]

Numbers Tell a Story . . .

Dentrix report

Numbers tell a story. The numbers help you reinvent systems, protocols, and campaigns. I was recently working with a dental practice that has three front office team members. They each have a list of statistics they have to track on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. When they hired me to do some training, they […]

Be prepared for anything

Re-printed from The Progressive Dentist November issue by Dayna Johnson If your patient had a medical emergency and your team had to call 911, how long would it take you to pull up his or her most current medical history? Is the list of current medications and allergies buried among all your clinical notes or […]