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Over the next couple of months, my blogs, podcasts, and online courses will be focusing on your Daily, Weekly, and Monthly workflow. I have been noticing that many offices have new team members and many of these new team members have come from industries outside of dentistry. I think this is amazing that people have the motivation to venture down a new path. I have also been noticing that the people who have returned back to their practice have gotten a little out of sync with their routines. Yes, your routine has been slightly disrupted (to say the least). However, I want to pull you back into the importance of getting back to your daily, weekly, and monthly systems.

There are many tasks that you perform throughout the day. However, you need to make time each day to run these two Dentrix reports . . .

The Daily Huddle and the Daysheet

Think of the Daily Huddle Report as your workout coach — that daily motivator to help you achieve your goals. Every office has goals (or at least you should) that need to be met in order to maintain and strive for a healthy practice. These goals include production, collections, new patients, case acceptance, and patient retention. This daily report will help you monitor the core systems in your practice. That way, when it gets to the end of the month, you already have a pretty good idea of what the final score will be.

If you are running the Daily Huddle each day, your entire team knows where you are heading for success and where you need to make some adjustments before you hit the end of the month. This team report helps your entire team be in the loop and can offer to help if there is something that can be improved to help the office meet their targets.

I love the Daily Huddle because you can enter your customized practice goals for your doctor, hygienists, and office production. This way, you can celebrate when you are on track and make adjustments if it looks like you are falling short. This report is a daily “must have” for those offices where the accuracy of practice numbers is important and where meeting goal could mean the difference of bonusing or not.

The second report that is a must in the dental practice is the Daysheet. I remember when I was working with a practice a few years back and a patient walked in holding an EOB he had received in the mail from his insurance company. The insurance company had paid for a root canal he had never had done. What had happened was someone on the clinical team had accidentally posted a root canal as completed instead of existing. It was an honest mistake. However, the doctor was blaming the clinical team. My response was, “Who is checking the daysheet each day and balancing the day?” Come to find out, no one on the team was running a daysheet, so this error slipped by because there were no checks and balances.

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The daysheet is your checks and balances for making sure all the transactions are accurate and the production is posted to the correct provider. The deposit slip is used to balance all the money that was collected for the day, so you can balance to your credit card machine and the money being deposited to the bank. My recommendation is to balance the daysheet before you send out your insurance claims just in case something was missed or posted incorrectly. It is a royal pain in the “you know what” to have to submit a corrected claim.

If you are looking for additional resources on either of these two reports and want more details on working these reports into your daily workflow, visit our online courses by CLICKING HERE.

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