Dentrix Keyboard Shortcuts You Will Love and Help Save Time

Dentrix users should always know the latest shortcuts

When I watch people navigate through the Dentrix software it is interesting to watch the slow, windy path each person takes to get to where they want to be. Taking the back roads can be very scenic and if you are not in a hurry to get anywhere can be very therapeutic. However, when you […]

Before you click “YES” do your homework

At about 3 a.m. the other night, my phone lit up like a Christmas tree, wanting me to perform a system update that I had been putting off for several weeks. The bright light illuminating from my phone was so disturbing that my husband had to turn my phone over in order to get back […]

The Top 10 Features You are not Using in Dentrix

I recently did a webinar with my good friend, Laura Hatch, from Front Office Rocks. This is our inaugural webinar and hope you enjoy the content. We are hoping to do 2-3 webinars per year and give our audience a sneaky peak into some really cool features that you might not know exist. Enjoy.

Improve Profitability with the Right Payment Card Solution

Let’s face it, to provide the level of service your patients demand, you simply have to accept cards as payment for services. To do so efficiently, you have to process those payments though an integrated system. Join us on this complimentary webinar to learn how your practice can become more profitable and efficient through an […]

Is Clutter Clogging up your Systems?

While I was working out in my yard a couple of weeks ago, I found myself thinking that this is a lot like keeping the systems clean in your dental practice. Every time I pulled a weed out of the flower bed, I thought about how cleaning that up will give my good plants more […]

Taking Care of Your New Patients in a Digital World

Categories: Paperless

Back in the day when I was working in a practice, when a new patient called to schedule a new patient visit, we would immediately send out a welcome packet which included a beautiful office brochure, welcome letter and directions to our practice. This was the gold standard when it came to customer service and […]

Be prepared for anything

Re-printed from The Progressive Dentist November issue by Dayna Johnson If your patient had a medical emergency and your team had to call 911, how long would it take you to pull up his or her most current medical history? Is the list of current medications and allergies buried among all your clinical notes or […]