Lack of cash flow means someone isn’t getting paid

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Star of the North dental meeting this year and one of the courses I taught is titled, “Numbers Tell a Story . . . the 5 stats every office should monitor” and the one number that always brings the most discussion is accounts receivable. It is amazing […]

Entry Date vs. Procedure Date

Dentrix reports

Do you find that sometimes you run a report from one workstation and the same report from another workstation and you get different numbers? Or, you run one report and the production number is different from another report? This can happen for a few different reasons. However, the most common reason I find is that […]

Print the right report for your patients tax needs.

It’s tax season and your patients have now started receiving their W-2s from their employers and 1099s from their clients. You have probably started receiving phone calls from your patients asking you for a printout of what they paid last year for dentistry.  The first thing you would think to print out would be the […]

Let’s Get Back to the Basics

Sometimes when you have been using a system for a very long time or you walk into a practice you did not start at from the very beginning, you need to step back and look at the basics. Looking at the basics is like starting with a good foundation. Having a good foundation will set […]

Goodbye 2017 Hello 2018

Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018! That was the headline of a big poster board we had at our home during the New Year’s Eve party we hosted last weekend. On our big poster board, it was mostly personal changes and goals. However, you should have the same thought process in your business. What are you […]