How to get PDF reports out of Dentrix to upload to your PPP loan

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Dentrix reports

With the new Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) now available for small business owners to apply for the $349 billion dollars in relief money, you will be required to submit documentation with the application.  I had a doctor reach out to me this morning which gave me the idea of writing this blog today. He needed […]

Projects you can work on in Dentrix during the COVID-19 downtime

Dentrix teams

By now, you have probably been inundated with information about the COVID-19 virus. With our industry changing rapidly, it is important to keep learning, gathering more resources, and staying current on any new information. I realize you all are in a different place. Some offices still have full schedules despite the recommendations from the ADA, […]

Dentrix Health History in version G7.1

The new Dentrix G7.1 update includes new features to the medical alerts module. It includes medications, prescriptions, emergency contact, physician and preferred pharmacy. Check it out. If you want to learn more about implementing best practices into your practice for managing your patients health history we have a full library of on-demand resources and online […]

How Secure is your Passwords and Security . . .

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It’s interesting to me that we get so frustrated with having to set up unique passwords … and heaven forbid that we would even have to change them regularly in order to protect our identity and personal information! And then we get even more frustrated, even to the point of blaming others, when our personal […]

Get a Handle on your Lab Cases

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I just have to giggle sometimes at the creative ways dental teams find to track and manage things in the practice. Take the lab cases, for example. I have seen multiple kinds of wirebound notebooks, whiteboards with different pen colors for the labs and also no tracking at all. Now, many of you are now […]

The Versatility of the Questionnaire Module

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In 2009, my office was paperless before we were chartless. Go figure! The only thing we were using the paper chart for was holding film X-rays because my doctor could not decide on which digital imaging system to transition. He was very happy with film X-rays and was sure that digital X-rays would not be […]

Three Ways to Giving Your Scanner a Break

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I remember several years ago I was on my way to work with a new office and start them down their path to paperless. When I walked in, the two ladies at the front desk were laughing hysterically and I felt I had walked in just a little late to the party. They were laughing […]

Taking Care of Your New Patients in a Digital World

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Back in the day when I was working in a practice, when a new patient called to schedule a new patient visit, we would immediately send out a welcome packet which included a beautiful office brochure, welcome letter and directions to our practice. This was the gold standard when it came to customer service and […]

The Miracle Technology Works at all

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During my 24 years in dentistry I have experienced being the trainee and the trainer when it comes to implementing new technology in the dental practice.  People that know me see me as kind of a computer geek.  The satisfaction of getting a new computer, network or piece of technology to work was the thrill […]