Dentrix Podcast: How Are Your New Patients Finding You?

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Tracking new patients in Dentrix

Do you know where your new patients are coming from? Are you tracking your new patients in your Dentrix software? Now is the time when you are likely putting together your annual budget for expenses, including a marketing budget. But if you don’t know what marketing campaigns are bringing in the new patients, how do […]

Final Push for End of the Year

We are in the final quarter of the year and starting to look ahead to the new year. This is very evident as you walk through Costco and see all the Christmas decorations lining the aisle. When you are still having 80 degree weather, it is hard to start thinking about the end of the […]

The Team Brings the Mission Statement to Life

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When I was asked to be a speaker at the South African Dental Association this year it was very exciting and very scary at the same time. What would I talk about?  They don’t have the choices in practice management software like we do here or the technology that we so much take for granted.  […]

What is the ROI on your referral sources?

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Do you know who your top referrals are? Are your marketing dollars bringing a satisfactory ROI? When you are running a small business, it is important to track your key performance indicators and your marketing dollars should be one of those numbers. Patients are finding your practice in many ways. Therefore, it is important to […]