Four Steps to more Productive Scheduling – Dr. Bicuspid

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re-printed with permission from Dr. Bicuspid I was recently presenting to a group of dental teams in the Denver area and I was on the topic of the appointment book. One lady in the audience raised her hand and said, “You know . . . nobody uses an appointment book anymore. Everyone uses the computer […]

Best Tips for Ortho in Dentrix

The dental practice I worked in for 18 years offered both straight wire and Invisalign orthodontics, which accounted for about 25% of our total production. This is a sizable amount for a general practice, and this also meant that most of our patients were both ortho patients and general dental patients. This brought many challenges […]

Setting up the Dentrix Month End Task Scheduler

Do you have questions about the new Dentrix Month End Task Scheduler? Our short video might help. The Month End Update was replaced with the Month End Task Scheduler in Dentrix version G6.5+. What I find is many offices do not set it up because they assume their previous setup will convert over. Let me […]

Top Three Reports for Weekly Schedule Management

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We teach our patients to be preventive with their oral health so they don’t end up in an emergency situation with a toothache or broken tooth … but are you practicing what you are preaching? Are you practicing in a preventive way to avoid situations that feel like an emergency? I recently did a webinar […]

Before you click “YES” do your homework

At about 3 a.m. the other night, my phone lit up like a Christmas tree, wanting me to perform a system update that I had been putting off for several weeks. The bright light illuminating from my phone was so disturbing that my husband had to turn my phone over in order to get back […]

Entry Date vs. Procedure Date

Do you find that sometimes you run a report from one workstation and the same report from another workstation and you get different numbers? Or, you run one report and the production number is different from another report? This can happen for a few different reasons. However, the most common reason I find is that […]

Print the right report for your patients tax needs.

It’s tax season and your patients have now started receiving their W-2s from their employers and 1099s from their clients. You have probably started receiving phone calls from your patients asking you for a printout of what they paid last year for dentistry.  The first thing you would think to print out would be the […]